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The CCC Programming Language

CCC was the in-house programming language of a Hungarian company (Com-Firm Bt.), mostly used for banking applications, recently released under GNU GPL. It is similar to a binary-compiled Python heavily integrated with popular databases (table object interface) and a simple, but powerful UI. It has its roots in CA-Clipper, LISP and C++. With CCC you can develop database-oriented applications extremely fast. You can also use it as text-mangling "compiled scripting language" and as a general-purpose programming language too. As CCC generates and compiles C++ code, it is also ideal for embedded applications. Basically, the general goal of CCC is to help you to write exactly those applications people want to use. Instead of a programming language, think of it as a compiled application and scripting language.

The original meaning of the CCC acronym (Clipper to C++ Compiler) is now obsolete, so actually now it is not an acronym, but a name. Until you learn to use it properly, it will mean Code, Compile and Curse for you. After getting some experience, you will notice that it's Clear, Crisp and Concise. When you finally get it, you will understand what it is: a Clever, Capable Compiled language.

The CCC project has an interesting status: on one hand, it is extremely stable and mature - it is being used to write mission-critical banking applications for almost a decade, and as we all know, banks do not tolerate bugs easily. On the other hand, the internationalization or even the "out-of-companization" of CCC just recently started: Hungarian documentation is incomplete, English documentation is almost nonexistent and CCC has some "it works so and so because we liked it that way" quirks that need to give way to some more generally-acceptable solutions.

The goal of this website is to organize an international project to translate, internationalize, document and "generalize" CCC in order to take it's place in the international programmings sphere as one of the languages of choice. Helpers are highly wanted, especially ones who speak Hungarian.

Currently, there is enough English documentation to install CCC and try out some example applications.

Introduction to CCC

CCC and it's philosophy can be best introduced by a typical CCC-application. This example application 1) reads a CSV file into a database (to which one is just a compilation option) through the table object interface 2) shows you the table in a grid. Code: #TODO Screenshots: #TODO

CCC installation and first steps